So it’s school holidays, and maybe you’re heading away for a family holiday.  You might be dreaming about relaxing with a glass of wine, spending quality time with family and friends, and having a well deserved rest, but then, you remember how you are getting there….  In the car! A long road trip with kids doesn’t have to resemble a scene out of National Lampoon Vacation.  With a couple of fun car games up your sleeve, you’ll be getting to your destination and relaxing with that glass of wine in no time.

Here are my top car games so you don’t go crazy…. Umm I mean so the kids don’t go crazy!

1. It’s an oldie but a goodie. Eye Spy!

I know it’s on every list, but seriously it will give you a least a good 30 minutes before you need to think of the next game. “Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with…. C” Or for the little ones you can use a colour. “Eye spy with my little eye something that’s the colour yellow”.  It could be a sign or an oncoming car

2. Not necessarily a game – but a sure way to have fun. Singing!

Get the hairbrush, breadstick, or the nearest barbie doll (yes I am going to assume that all of that is in your car – because it’s in mine) and pretend it’s a microphone, turn on the radio or your kids’ favourite playlist and sing into the “microphone”. They will enjoy seeing you having fun and joining in too.

3. Number Plate Spelling – you heard me!

Now this game can potentially be a little one sided (lol) The first person to spell your name using the number plates passing by wins. Except the person driving – keep your eyes on the road

4. The quiet game – shhh!

No not you, the kids – how wonderful is this game. who can be quiet the longest. Lucas says “ready, set, go!’ while making big hand gestures for everyone to be quiet and then when someone talks, ‘ready, set, go!’ and the exact same enthusiastic hand gesture. He looks like a conductor of an orchestra when he does it, so cute and it does give us all a laugh (and some peace and quiet!)

Last but not least… (this is your fail safe

5. Pull over to a rest area

Everyone is to get out and stretch their legs, then play a game of cricket or get the kids to race to the nearest tree and back. This is a great time to make memories of your road trip (while secretly exhausting your beautiful children), sandwiches and water, fun, cuddles, laughter, and happiness.

It’s always so beautiful this time of year with so much excitement for the whole family. Remember it’s not the destination, it’s the journey (unless the destination is New York)

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