Meet Abby our February Feature Mum – blogger at According to Abby.

Tell us a little about yourself, your child(ren) and business:

I’m a newly-single mother of two and I’ve recently launched my new blog ‘According to Abby’ where I go into more detail, mostly about my struggles and challenges, but also about all of the great things being a young Mum brings. It’s something I always wanted to do, but never thought it’d be about the things it is now! I’ve got two under three, so it’s a tiring time to be doing it on your own but also very rewarding.

How many children do you have, what are their names and ages?

I have two gorgeous daughters; Milla is 2.5 years and Arlo is 8 months.

How long have you been running your business?

I’ve been slowly building a presence on social media for the past couple of years but only recently made the leap into the world of blogging! It started as a bit of a creative outlet but has turned into a bit of a platform for me to write on the issues I’m passionate about and really just help other young Mums, or young women in general.

What is your strategy for work/family/life balance? Please include a little about your business so we can share it with our audience.

My work is in fact being with my kids and sharing my experiences as a young single mother of two girls under three. The girls are my main priority and I get majority of my writing done when they are down in bed, so I can always be present with them during the day. I always wanted to be a young Mum so it’s really important to me to have that flexibility and spend as much time as possible with them.

What is your baby’s favourite Baby Bistro and/or Big Eats meal?

I first tried them when Milla was a bub and she honestly ate anything I gave her! Arlo is turning out to be the same… She absolutely SMASHED her first Baby Bistro meal! They are so delicious it’s hard to not love them; I personally love the sausage rolls!

How did you discover Baby Bistro and how does Baby Bistro make life a little easier for you?

I had seen Baby Bistro through some of my girlfriends on Instagram and I decided to try them. It’s a winner with my girls!

“No-one told me it would be like this!” Tell us about one of ‘those moments’ since becoming a mum!

How funny that in the two-and-a-half years of being a Mum it happened the other night. My kids haven’t had any serious sick scares or injury scares just little colds etc. The other night Milla woke up at midnight and had vomited everywhere, so of course had to have a quick shower and sleep in my bed as hers was all dirty. Anyway, she fell asleep fine afterwards and so did I. That was until 4am rolled around and she sat up, moved over to MY pillow, and vomited right next to my head… Like, WHY?? WHY MY PILLOW?? Why anywhere near me?? I feel like I definitely had a “no one told me it would be like this!” moment.

Please share one top tip for new mums – your own, or the best tip you’ve ever received.

“Don’t let yourself become so concerned with raising a good kid that you forget you already have one” This is probably my favourite quote with my recent separation. I think as Mums we have a tendancy to overthink situations and behaviours. I think I’ve learnt that kids are such clever little things we just need to let them be. I was so scared Milla was going to become depressed and miserable because I was at times, that I freaked out and made myself think she will have all these issues because of me. Milla is two. She acts like normal two-year-olds and she is fine. I was worrying so much about what could have been, I forgot I had an amazing strong little girl and I needed to just enjoy her.

What do you love best about being a mum?

The feeling they give me; it makes me realise I’m not doing all of this for nothing. The hard times are made easier when I see smiles on their faces. When I see dirty hands and faces, big full tummies and their little arms around my neck. These two little girls of mine can never hurt me. They’ll always need their Mum just as much as I’ll always need them.

You can follow Abby on Instagram @abbgilmore (link is and her blog

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