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There’s no testimonial like the smile on a happy baby’s face.

That’s why we do what we do.

We love hearing your feedback and suggestions, it helps us understand our customers better. So feel free to contact Baby Bistro and tell us what you or your little one thinks about the organic baby food menu or our delivery service. We’d love to hear from you!

Here are some of our favourite emails and letters from our satisfied customers.

Thanks to Baby Bistro, I was able to feed my son beautifully made organic meals whilst on holiday overseas rather than hot fries and chicken nuggets! It was so important to me that he got well made and highly nutritious food rather than resort style options. Not only is Baby Bistro fantastic when going away, it’s also a great meal to have handy in your freezer for those nights when you aren’t organised. Being a fussy mother, I couldn’t be happier knowing that I can now feed my son food just as good as mine.



While my wife was away I didn’t have time to prepare food for my son but I did have Baby Bistro’s fantastic organic baby food. In only a few minutes to prepare I served my son healthy, nutritious, hearty meals without fuss which gave me great pleasure knowing my son is eating only the best and gives me more time to play dad.



As a mother the first and foremost important thing is food. I believe that what I feed my baby determines my child’s behaviour. Baby Bistro has taken the worry and stress away from having to feed my baby the healthiest organic wholesome food. Since feeding my baby Baby Bistro food I have noticed her poo is so much better, her sleeping has improved so much that when I give her commercial baby food from the shelf I find her unsettled and very difficult to put to sleep. I can’t thank Baby Bistro enough for making my life so much easier. I have more time to spend with my children then slaving over a hot stove. Baby Bistro you are a life saver and I can’t wait to tell all my friends about your delicious tasty food.

Happy Mum


Overall, my experience with ordering with Baby Bistro was seemless and effortless. It was also beautifully packaged when delivered. My little guy absolutely loves the organic rolled oats he picks them out himself for breaky every morning! I find it difficult to find snacks that aren’t sugar loaded or that have some nutritional value but thankfully you have this covered for me with the puffs and dried fruit. Will definitely be using Baby Bistro again and recommending to all my mummy friends.

Tania & Arley


I wanted to tell you that when we were at the Baby and Toddler Show there was another company providing dinners for toddlers. My friend happened to order a week of meals from this company. I told her that I had ordered your dinners. For the following week we have been sending photos and comments in regards to the dinners that we have chosen from both companies. Firstly may I say that I was nervous about Matilda eating such a variety of textures and flavours as she can sometimes be a bit fussy. I so grateful and thankful for your meals they gave ALL been a huge hit ! I love that she can have beautiful home made food that is tasty and nothing short of what I would do for her. I’m a vegetarian and also coeliac so preparing different meals can be time consuming some times. Your range of meals is fantastic for people like me. So… Back to the week comparing. She was very disappointed at the lack of meat in the dishes and the amount of liquid used to bump up the packaging. In my opinion it looked really tight as far as vegetables and meat compared to sauce. Also she loved that mine came in containers, hers were in vacuum packed bags. So lastly I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the chance to try your wonderful foo. Tilly is enjoying it and I feel really relaxed giving it to her.



Thank you so much Sevi! The food and idea is amazing! I don’t have time to always cook for my 3, 1 year olds and I do get the guilt’s about feeding them all packaged foods so when your food arrived, all natural, organic and healthy – I was happy to know I could feed my kids great food even when I don’t have the time to be cooking all day. I’ll definitely be ordering on a regular basis. The cheesy fish was so yummy – Kip especially loved it. Brilliant concept. I’ll be telling all my mummy friends about Baby Bistro!

Sarita Holland


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