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And at Baby Bistro, that’s what we are all about!

Not too long ago they featured us on their blog – because we share the same passions for healthy, well nourished and happy bodies!

Organic produce is the star behind Baby Bistro meals

Interview with Sevi Stollica, Founder and Owner of Baby Bistro

NM: What was the driving force behind you creating Baby Bistro?
SS: My Son. Health and nutrition are important and what we feed our babies is especially important for growth and development. There was nothing available to me where I could feed my baby healthy meals and be satisfied that there was nothing nasty hiding in it. By preparing his meals myself I knew exactly what he was eating.

NM: We’re sure you’ve done a fair bit of research about the sorts of baby food found on supermarket shelves. Without anyone reading this having to go and find out the bad news for themselves, can you please tell us what you often found in these foods which makes you think twice about feeding it to your own children, and why others should think twice?
SS: I have heard so many mums quote the marketing phrases on the supermarket brands. For me just looking at the use by date was enough to question what goes into these ‘convenient’ little sachets. Not to mention the fact that they all look and smell the same. Convenience doesn’t have to mean it can’t be good for you and I was going to prove it! You will not find any added sugars, salts, preservatives or numbers in Baby Bistro meals. The organic produce is the star of our meals.

NM: Can you tell us about some of your customer’s stories, more specifically about how Baby Bistro has made daily life easier?
SS: Baby Bistro mums get excited when their babies and toddlers love our meals.  And mums love it too! We often hear that meal times are no longer a battle and that families get to spend more time together.

It’s not only healthy but convenient too. Order online, and we take over from here. We prepare each meal with fresh certified organic produce and blast freeze it to lock in all the goodness.  The best part is, it’s delivered to you!

NM: Where can we find Baby Bistro meals? 
SS: Baby Bistro is available at Plump Organics, 24 Ballarat St, Yarraville and A. Bongiovanni & Son Grocery Store, 176-178 Victoria St, Seddon with more to be announced in the coming months.

If you like to shop online, Baby Bistro is available at and delivered to your door. Easy!

NM: How do you wish to see Baby Bistro grow in the next five years?
SS: We have big plans to grow Baby Bistro and have it available all over Melbourne for easy access to all of our customers. You will also see our menu grow with a variety of new meals including new flavours and ingredients.

Getting to know you…

NM: What is your favourite way to spend time with your children?
SS: Being in the moment. They grow too quick and I am very conscious of taking every bit in. I get down on the floor with them and play. We build blocks, sing songs, count and read books.

NM: …And what about when you have time all to yourself?
SS: I like to unwind with a good book.

NM: Favourite breakfast/brunch meal in Melbourne? 
SS: We often have breakfast at The Boat House, Maribyrnong. They have a play ground for children to play and Lucas loves it.

NM: Best family friendly café or restaurant in Melbourne?
SS: We mostly go to local parks and I always pack a lunch.

NM: What is your one top nourishing tip for our nourished Melburnians?
SS: A healthy mind lives in a healthy body – I heard this years ago and loved it. I believe that healthy is different for all of us.

Edited by Natasha Mason

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