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Can I purchase Baby Bistro meals in stores?

Yes we currently stock a range of Baby Bistro meals at a number of stores in Melbourne and Geelong.

Please see our Stockist page for further details.

In the meantime, Baby Bistro meals are available for order online via this website.

The Baby Bistro online ordering system is extremely quick and convenient and your order will be delivered to your door on Saturday.

Can you tell me more about the delivery service?

Baby Bistro aims to provide its customers with an exceptional product that’s convenient to purchase and use.

Thanks to the Baby Bistro organic baby food home delivery service you can order healthy and delicious baby food from the comfort of your own home. Now that’s convenient!

Read more about the Baby Bistro delivery service.

What are Baby Bistro’s core values?

There are three core values that guide every Baby Bistro product and service, Naturally Organic, Delicious Variety and Quick and Convenient.

Naturally Organic

In the meantime, Baby Bistro meals are available for order online via this website.Each and every Baby Bistro meal is made with fresh certified organic fruit and vegetables.

Ingredients are free from chemicals, additives and preservatives, and there’s no added salt or sugar in any Baby Bistro organic baby food product.

Delicious Variety

Babies deserve as much variety at meal time as adults do. The Baby Bistro menu will continue to grow with more meals to be introduced in the future.

There are currently 11 delicious Baby Starters, 5 Baby Mains and 8 Toddler Mains.

Quick and Convenient

It’s our goal to make meal preparation as easy as possible for parents. We’re not sure what’s quicker or easier – ordering home delivered organic baby food from Baby Bistro online, or preparing your baby’s Baby Bistro meals to serve.

How are Baby Bistro meals packaged?

Every delicious Baby Bistro organic meal is packaged in an easy to use BPA free snap lock food grade container. You can even turn your empty Baby Bistro containers into handy household storage containers, or offer them to your local school or kinder – they’re perfect for storing arts and crafts accessories!

How do you keep Baby Bistro meals fresh during delivery?

Your Baby Bistro organic baby food meals are frozen while they’re fresh to seal in the delicious nutrients. Your order is delivered to you inside a specially designed Baby Bistro cooler bag with an ice gel, transported inside a refrigerated van.

Why are Baby Bistro vegetables steamed, not boiled?

Steamed vegetables retain more nutrients and natural colour than waterlogged boiled vegetables. Because the vegetables in these delicious Baby Bistro meals are steamed, your baby will get the maximum nutritional benefit at mealtime.

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