Meet Hannah, our January Feature Mum juggling two kids and an awesome business you may have heard of, Cookies and Scream!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am 31 and and mother to two cheeky, stubborn, cute little kids – Archie who is 5 and Violet who will be 2 in March. I also run a small business called Cookies and Scream which is a kids clothing label. Everything is designed by me and made locally here in Melbourne. I love bright and colorful designs and have designed each item to be functional every day wear. My little man, Archie, is my biggest fan and can often be found sitting on the desk next to me designing fabric of his own.

How long have you been running your business?

Cookies and Scream was started in 2014 and at that point all I did was t-shirt designs!

What is your strategy for work/family/life balance?

To be honest 2015-2016 were years of total imbalance in my life. Every aspect of my life suffered because I couldn’t manage to find the balance between work and home. I was always stressed about the work I should be doing instead of enjoying time with friends and family. Earlier this year I made the decision to outsource all of my sewing and this has freed up so much of my time that I am now able to socialise, spend time with the kids and work part time at another job (because I was missing the adult interaction being at home all day). I have to say though having a fridge stocked with baby bistro over the last few months has helped me manage my time a lot better. Now if you could just bring out adult meals that would be great!


What is your baby’s favorite Baby Bistro and/or Big Eats meal?

Archie loves the Spaghetti Bolognese and Violet loves the chicken and mushroom Risotto.

How did you discover Baby Bistro and how does Baby Bistro make life a little easier for you and your family?

I can’t even remember how I first followed baby bistro but I wanted to try it for ages. I wish I had done so sooner! My husband works long hours and I started a part time job and knew that with that and Cookies and Scream there would be nights when no one had the time or energy to cook. I really didn’t want this to mean we would be feeding the kids unhealthy take away. So for this reason, we always have some Baby Bistro in our freezer. It is such a relief and I don’t feel guilty at all because they think its delicious and I know its nutritious.

“No-one told me it would be like this!” Tell us about one of ‘those moments’ since becoming a mum!

I have always been a total germophobe! If you had told me before kids that I would one day get baby poop on my hand and not even be phased by it I would never have believed you!! Also, all the mumlife shortcuts I would learn to embrace like mopping the floor with wipes or dry shampoo and top knot because who has time to do their hair with two kids around!?

Please share one top tip for new mums – your own, or the best tip you’ve ever received.

Sleep when the baby sleeps. Seriously clean houses are great but sleep is so much better! I still sleep when the baby sleeps even though neither of mine are technically babies anymore hehe.

What do you love best about being a mum?

Being a mum – I just love it! I love that I have two little people who look up to me and rely on me for so much (even though they are both independent little things they still need me) has motivated me more than anything else in my life ever has. Oh and cuddles. I dread the day they grow out of cuddles

You can follow Hanna’s family adventures at @the_smithaloskis on Instagram and also be sure to check out her children’s wear label @cookies_and_scream on Instagram and via

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