Meet the two Jess’, the powerhouse mums behind the amazing Mama Body Tea.

Tell us a little about yourself, your children and business.

I’m Jess O’Brien (on the right) one half of Mama Body Tea. I am a very proud Mama of 2 boys, 13 months apart. Mama Body Tea is my third baby.

I’m Jess Spencer (on the left), the other half of Mama Body Tea. I am a Choc-o-holic & life lover! I’m married to my partner in crime, Silas, after meeting each other in the snow fields at Mt Hotham.

We developed this range to support mamas throughoughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. Both of us being mamas we felt there was a gap in the market for effective natural remedies to help mamas through this time. We have both used the blends throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding and found wonderful benefits that we wanted to share with others.

How many children do you have, what are their names and ages?

Jess O – I have 2 boys, Archie who is 3 and Oscar who is 2.

Jess S – We have three gorgeous kids Ruby 5, Sunny 3 and Maya 1 that fill our world with so much love and energy.

How long have you been running your business?

Mama Body Tea has been operating for 2 years now.

What is your strategy for work/family/life balance?

Jess O – Haha, balance… I think we are all trying to find it aren’t we? I have a great support network which really is the only reason I can do what I do with Mama Body Tea. There are days where I achieve absolutely nothing and others I can take on the world! As time goes on and I am more disciplined with my time the balance is getting much better. It really is hard to turn off though, I’m so passionate about our business and just want to keep working away at it.

Jess S – Work/family/life balance is an ongoing challenge! The saying, ‘it takes a village to raise your children’ is certainly is true. I have a very supportive husband, Silas, and our mums are also a huge support to us and our family. Silas is a firefighter with the MFB and his roster allows him to be a very hands on dad which he loves. This certainly helps me to have a work balance that’s needed to co-operate a successful business with Jess.

What is your baby’s favourite Baby Bistro and/or Big Eats meal?

Jess O – I found the baby mains amazing. So handy to have in the freezer when you get home and have nothing for dinner! Also great when the adults want something and you know your toddler won’t. They were also great to give the boys some new flavours. I haven’t tried the Big Eats but they look yummy and perfect now the boys are older and love snack food!

Jess S – Definitely the Organic Osso Bucco Beef Casserole is a winner and also the My Minestrone is a favourite too!  My kids have enjoyed Baby Bistro meals along the way and I always feel great knowing that these meals have been made with so much thought and love.

How did you discover Baby Bistro and how does Baby Bistro make life a little easier for you?

Jess O – I first discovered Baby Bistro at the Essential Baby Expo and the meals really do make life so much easier when you know you can go to the fridge/freezer and grab a meal that is organic, healthy and delicious for your little one. Not filled with awful preservatives.

Jess S – I discovered Baby Bistro at a Melbourne baby expo where I also met the lovely lady behind this amazing company, Sevi. Such an inspiring lady.

“No-one told me it would be like this!” Tell us about one of ‘those moments’ since becoming a mum!

Jess O – The lack of sleep…. Seriously if someone told me prior to having kids you really won’t sleep much and the amount of sleep that you can (just) survive on, I wouldn’t believe them!

Jess S – Witching hour with 3 kids, hubby’s at work and dinner is not prepared!!! This is where things go pear shaped very quickly. This is exactly why Baby Bistro is such blessing to have in the freezer at all times, seriously! Especially when you have a newborn in the house and two kids that when they’re hungry, they’re hungry!

Please share one top tip for new mums – your own, or the best tip you’ve ever received.

Jess O – Wow, this is hard! I guess sleep when you can… go to bed early as you never know what the night will bring and make time for yourself. You need to prioritise yourself as you can’t pour from a half empty cup.

Jess S – My tip would be for any mum – Listen to your intuition or gut feeling when it comes to you and your babies.  You know your babies the best!

What do you love best about being a mum?

Jess O – I really do love everything about being a Mum (maybe not the tantrums and the nagging). The fact that I have created these little humans and am showing them the world is such a priveldge. My heart is just so full and I look at the boys and still can’t believe they are mine. I remember once telling a girlfriend just after I had Archie that I can’t believe how much I could love something! She said to me, of course you do babe, he is half you and half of your favourite person. Very true!

Jess S – Waking up everyday to our beautiful, energetic kids and all the hugs and kisses!! It lights me up and makes this journey of our’s so much more fulfilling and fun. The ups and downs are all part of it!

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