The sensational and down to earth aussie babe Megan Gale has shared her love of Baby Bistro! Megan is a dedicated Mama who usually cooks her littlest man River’s organic meals herself (how does she find the time? Power to you, Megan!) but like many Mamas, sometimes you just don’t have time. Unlike some Mamas, being an internationally celebrated supermodel and film star means that Megan doesn’t always manage to knuckle down in the kitchen. That’s where Baby Bistro comes in handy!

As much as I love being able to cook River all his organic meals now he’s on solids, with the coming weeks and months looking pretty busy workwise (& Dad starting a new footy season) I was stressing about how We were going to find the time to make all of his meals – that frozen stockpile gets low pretty quick. @babybistro to the rescue – all organic & delivered to your door (Melbourne only at this stage ) and let’s be honest – their meals are probably going to taste better than mine! (Mine is made with oodles of love though ) – @megankgale

Baby Bistro creates quality meals with the love of a Mama, so you can maintain quality time with your babes.  We are extremely happy to have Megan as a customer and give her that quality time with River, all while knowing that she is still feeding him quality, additive-free food made with a mothers love.

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