How’s this for a fruity tooty birthday cake?! Perfect for kids with allergies, fruit lovers, a healthy twist on a birthday surprise or just for fun. You can really use what ever fruit you like and what’s in season. Enjoy!

1 large whole watermelon (it’s easier to use a longer watermelon for this recipe)
2 peaches, cut into thin wedges
2 nectarines, cut into thin wedges
2 green apples, cut into thin slices

Cut watermelon into 4 thick, round slices (about 3cm thick). Place a round plate (as large as possible that can fit inside the slice, excluding the rind) and use a small, sharp knife to cut a circle, using the edge of the plate as a guide, to remove the rind. Discard rind.

Place one layer of watermelon on a cake stand. Arrange peach and nectarine wedges and apple slices on top. Top with another layer of watermelon, repeat.

Poke strawberries, raspberries and blueberries into any gaps. Decorate the top of the cake with leftover fruit. Delicious served with natural or coconut yoghurt.

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