Olivia White AKA Mrs White from House of White tells us how Baby Bistro saved the day!


So many time it get’s to the late afternoon, time has just gotten away from me, and I just look at Belle and think “Shit! What am I gonna feed you kid?”.  Especially when my husband works late, we end up just making do with beans on toast or even a sneaky Macca’s run. But I always feel too guilty to give Belle that crap so I try and pull together something a little bit nutritious! This left me thinking there must be an easier option, why can I just have homemade nutritious baby food delivered to my door!? Well guess what, my prayers were answered – all hail, Baby Bistro!

I first discovered Baby Bistro perusing the isle’s of the ever so fabulous La Manna in North Essendon (If you haven’t been, GO!). As Annabelle was already on proper solid foods, we picked up one of the toddler meals and thought we’d give it a go. I have always been a bit sus on processed food for babies, they all look and smell worse than my cats food. But, this wasn’t the case at all with Baby Bistro, not only did it resemble the food it said it was on the label, it smelt and tasted delicious (okay yes I snuck a few cheeky spoonfuls).

IMG_7802We now shop the entire range and there isn’t one Belle doesn’t like, although she does have her favourites, Chicken and Mushroom Risotto and of course the Brown Rice Pudding. It is so easy to just grab one of the meals, heat it up and pop him in a bowl, all while having the piece of mind that she’s eating home-cooked nutritious food made from fresh, certified organic ingredients – and let’s be honest it’s healthier than what I would cook anyway!

I also love the fact that I am supporting a local small business that began out of that same understanding of the needs and concerns of a busy mum for such a product. I highly recommend checking out the Baby Bistro range, even just having a few of your favourite meals in the freezer for when you know you have busy week ahead can be a life saver!


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