Kids love sushi and it’s such an easy lunch option. Here’s an extra healthy version that your kids will love to help you make. Let them get creative and have fun, just about anything can go into these!

1 cup brown rice
½ cup each millet, quinoa and chia seeds (rinsed)
6 cups water
¼ cup rice wine vinegar
½ tbsp vegetable oil
1 tbsp caster sugar

Thinly sliced capsicum
Thinly sliced avocado
Finely julienned carrot
Julienned cucumber

  1. Combine rice, millet, quinoa and chia seeds, put into a rice cooker with water and cook until soft (you may need to set the cycle on your rice cooker twice to achieve this).
  2. Whisk together rice wine vinegar, oil and sugar. Pour over warm rice mixture, toss to coat then spread over a baking tray and allow to cool completely.
  3. Place a Nori sheet onto the sushi rolling mat. Spread half the rice mixture over the top, leaving a 2cm border at the end of seaweed sheet further from you.
  4. Starting at the end closest to you, arrange veggies across the edge of the sushi sheet. Using the sushi mat as a guide, roll the sushi tightly. Use a small amount of water on the seaweed border to secure the sheet. Repeat with remaining sheet, rice and filling.
  5. Serve as a large roll or use a very sharp knife to slice into kid-friendly, bite-size pieces.

Replace the seaweed with multigrain bread. Simply cut off the crusts and roll out the bread until thin and flat.

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