Mummy Fashion Blogger AKA Rachael Rajendran is a mother of her two year old boy Quinn, a fashion blogger based in Melbourne, Australia with the love of visual content. Today, she reviewed Baby Bistro. 


I have always prepared and cooked all of the baby food for Quinn from scratch. For all my Instagram followers you would know that i am passionate about this from the posts you have seen.

When it comes to meat and fish it becomes a bit harder to prep especially when your baby is still on mush and i have to blend everything down and the kitchen a mess.

It is so important for your baby to eat foods such as fish, meats for protein and omega-3 which is very good for their growth and development.

Quinn is a very fussy eater. Since he has had all home made food from the first time he has eaten solids, if i was to ever have a lazy day (we all have those as mums) and purchase the meat packets from the supermarket he wouldn’t eat it, he would just not open his mouth and spit it out. Any meat in a packet on. Shelf if not very trustworthy in my opinion.

I discovered baby bistro. They have all different types of organic baby food. The difference is that it is homemade and blast frozen to keep the freshness, it is not sitting on a shelf with a use by date of 2 years. Very disturbing.

I relieved a cooler bag full of different types of food, all frozen and packaged to be placed into the freezer. I also tried the fish and broccoli with cauliflower and it tastes like real food.

Very happy to serve this to my baby.

You place what you want in the fridge overnight and it will be defrosted ready to heated up in the microwave in the afternoon and for dinner.

The portion sizes are huge. It is enough for 4 meals. My 7 month old is not a huge solids eater as he is still starting off but have introduced meat as protein fills their tummy and helps the growth.

I know that mince meat is full of preservatives and salt and they out heaps of chemicals in it to keep it from going off.

I would definitely recommend the food from baby bistro. It is like me cooking all the meals. The best part is it is all cooked ready to eat and we are not sure what we can and can’t give a baby and that is already worked out for you.

It is not just for babies they have food for toddlers also.

It is around 7$ per container which has a generous amount of food.

You can save money on packaging. Wasting produce. It is all portion controlled.

Quinn finished this whole bowl of food and loved it. I would never cook fish for him because i wouldn’t know how and heaps of work.

I have heaps more to use, it will last me a while. More posts to come.

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