This has to be the prettiest dish we’ve created! Can be a dessert or filling breakfast, kids and adults alike will love these blue ombre chia pots.

Ombre Chia Pots
Makes 4

1 cup white chia seeds
1L unsweetened coconut milk
1 tbsp vanilla bean paste
Rice malt syrup, to sweeten (optional)
Natural food colouring
Frozen blueberries and coconut flakes, to serve

In a container with a sealed lid, combine chia, coconut milk and vanilla bean paste. Add rice malt syrup, to taste (if using). Put the lid on and shake until well combined. Allow to sit 5 mins.

Divide chia evenly between 4 bowls. Starting with 1 bowl, add a tiny amount of food colouring. In the next bowl add a tiny bit more food colouring than the first bowl. In the next bowl a bit more than the second bowl and in the last bowl the most food colouring. Stir all bowls well – you should see 4 graduating colours.

Spoon the darkest chia mixture evenly between 4 glasses. Repeat process with the next darkest colour, then the next then finish with the palest colour. Top with frozen blueberries and coconut flakes to serve.

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