We’re delighted introduce you to Rebecca Screen who, as a naturopath and health coach, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience about nutrition and health to the Baby Bistro team. Not only does Rebecca advise us on the best ways to develop healthy, organic options for babies, toddlers and now, with our Big Eats range, older children, she has also agreed to share her extensive knowledge with you all on our blog.

Welcome Rebecca!

Why Organic vs Non-Organic Food is Better for Children’s Health

By Rebecca Screen – Naturopath, Health Coach & That Sugar Ambassador

When you buy Baby Bistro certified organic children’s food for your little and most precious ones, you know you are buying pure, healthy, nutritious and delicious food, with no nasty chemicals.

Organic food is how Mother Nature intended – grown, processed and handled without the use of synthetic chemicals, artificial fertilisers, or genetically modified ingredients (GMOs).

There is evidence that organic food is safer, more nutritious and better for you than non-organic food – especially if you are a child. Children are more vulnerable to toxins due to their immature and still developing brain, digestive system, detoxification and immune systems. A child’s natural protective barrier – the blood-brain barrier – is not fully intact until at least two years of age; which exposes children to toxins such as heavy metals, which can affect the brain.

Children also have a larger intake of food per kilo of body weight, which makes them more susceptible than adults, to the effects of toxins. Toddlers eating mostly organic food have been found to have less than one sixth the pesticide residues in their urine, compared to children who eat conventional foods.

Considering all this, we can see why it is so important to reduce children’s exposure to toxins – particularly during their early years.

To ensure you are purchasing genuine organic products, check for a certification label.

At Baby Bistro we are very proud to provide you with high quality products, that have passed stringent requirements, and are delighted that the majority of our range is now certified organic by Australian Certified Organic (ACO). When you see a certification number and logo, you know that there is a seamless chain of organic integrity in every step in the life of that product – from farm to your babies and children.

In good health,


Rebecca Screen – Naturopath, Health Coach & That Sugar Advocate 

As a health care professional and mother of two children, Rebecca understands first-hand the importance of good health and nutrition, from pre-conception, across the life-span.

Her journey with good food, health and natural medicine began as a young child. She remembers her Mum’s nutritious home cooked meals, having fun baking, and using food as medicine to help some common health complaints. This progressed into early work as a Dental Nurse, before she found her true passion and graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Health Science – Naturopathy, at the Southern School of Natural Therapies (Melbourne). Today, as a Naturopath and Health Coach, Rebecca loves helping people understand and improve their health and vitality. She focuses on areas such as children’s health, digestion, women’s health, fertility, weight management, stress and fatigue.

To find out more about how Rebecca can help you or your little one please contact her at Feeling Healthy 69 Anderson Street Yarraville VIC 9687 5333 www.feelinghealthy.com.au.


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