Rebecca Judd
This is a piece written by Rebecca Judd and how much she loves Baby Bistro!

Oscar used to be a really fussy eater. I would slave away at the stove top cooking him all sorts of concoctions- spaghetti bolognese, fish, shepherd’s pie, stewed apples etc. and most of the time he would just spit it out or throw it on the floor. Some days I would make him go for hours without food/snacks in the hope that he would be so hungry that he would eat what I had cooked him but no, he would still spit it out. I remember this is how I fell in love with oysters. I was absolutely starving one day and the only food available was oysters which I previously had hated. With an empty, grumbling stomach I gave in and sucked back a juicy oyster with lemon juice and it was pretty much the best thing I’d ever tasted in my life- your brain does funny things to you when you’re hungry! And so I thought Oscar’s love affair with my cooking would begin but alas, no! I swear I am not a bad cook, I just didn’t know what was going on with him at the time. When he refused to eat my cooking I would always have to revert to the old squeezey, fruit and veggie packet food options which he adored. This was quite funny as you could imagine, my 1 year old (plus!) eating 4 month old baby food!

Anyway, a couple of months ago my girlfriend recommended I try Baby Bistro and Oscar has been LOVING it. It is fresh organic meals for bub’s and toddlers which you order online, and they are delivered straight to your door in individual, portion sized tubs. Oscar’s favourites are spaghetti bolognese, beef and vegetable rissoni, oven baked chicken risotto, osso bucco and macaroni and cheese. What I love about the meals is that they are so nutritious- lots of meat and veggies with little to no added salt and absolutely no preservatives/colours/nasties etc. It is good, old fashioned, home cooking using organic ingredients.

So now you’re all thinking that I AM an absolutely terrible cook as Oscar would eat baby Bistro meals and not those cooked by me. Well, I think I’ve worked out why! I find the Baby Bistro meals to be very basic with no added seasoning and just a few fabulous, key ingredients. I think babies like it simple like this and I remember Oscar baulking at me when I would offer him the food I’d cooked which was full of extra cheese, butter, seasoning, a million different veggies and ingredients. I think his tastebuds were totally overwhelmed by my cooking and he prefers things more basic.

To find out more about Baby Bistro, go here. It really is a fabulous service and is so great for busy, working parents who don’t have time to cook fresh, nutritious meals all the time (which end up on the floor- gah!!!).

Rebecca Judd loves Baby Bistro

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