Adrienne at Stylish Bump tells why she loves Baby Bistro’s home delivered organic baby meals…


I’ve always cooked all my girls’ meals. I think there’s nothing better for them than home-cooked meals using the freshest ingredients I can buy. Baby food is often heat-treated to ensure it has a long shelf life, but it’s heated to such a degree that I wonder if any nutrients are left in the vegetables at all after that process? I absolutely do not judge any parent who uses these meals: they’re convenient and are food for babies after all. They’re just not for me.

However, preparing and cooking yummy, nutritious meals day after day can become exhausting for even the most enthusiastic cook.

Cooking for you and your partner is one thing, but once baby comes along and starts eating food at around 4-6 months you suddenly have a LOT more cooking to do. Then you might have another baby, and you’re making meal after meal every day. (Sometimes multiple dishes at each meal time if you’re dealingbaby bistro mealswith a fussy eater, allergies, food intolerance and so on.) Grocery shopping, meal planning, slicing, chopping, cutting, boiling, steaming, pureeing… it’s a lot of work!

But ’til recently, there’s been little alternative if you want organic home-cooked meals for your baby or toddler.

I first read about Baby Bistro on Rebecca Judd Loves blog and have been so keen to try them myself to see just how fresh and delicious they were. I haven’t felt the need to buy them until my third baby started eating solids recently, and believe me, the meal preparation in my house went through the roof!

And I was pleasantly surprised.

Baby Bistro offers healthy, nutritious baby and toddler meals that are prepared and cooked right here in Melbourne. They have some stockists, but more impressively, they deliver them to your home – frozen, and packed in portion-sized containers. Super easy to store and even easier to serve.

All the ingredients are simple so are appealing to kids, and the meals are made with healthy, organic food that is cooked, packaged then frozen. Just like I do at home!

As they say: “Ensuring kids develop healthy food habits from their earliest days can help set them up for a lifetime of good nutrition and physical well-being.”

babybistro cookingAnd I couldn’t agree more.

Some of the meals are amazing – like red lentils with vegetables, cheesy fish with broccoli and cauliflower and vegetable ratatouille. Perfect, because I hate cooking fish! New tastes and flavours are great for my girls. Encourages them to try new foods and not get too fussy.

It’s such a great idea for busy mums, working parents – or those that don’t like cooking – who often don’t have time to cook fresh, nutritious meals all the time. You can just order the meals online and they deliver them to your door.

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