Refreshingly honest, relatable, raw and gorgeous down to her pinky toes (probably).  That’s just one way to describe Sophie Shaw AKA The Young Mummy.

Her blogs are hilarious, true and incredibly honest.  Thousands of Mamas and even Dads love following her parenthood journey through her website, as well as her Instagram account for laughs, beauty, family and updates.

Speaking of Instagram…we spotted Sophie feeding her beloved chubby-cheeked, blue-eyed boy, Bobby some of their Baby Bistro favourites!

“Now, what would Sir Bobby like for dinner tonight? Let’s go with risotto (and I’ll take the risoni ) Sevi has been providing us with yummy options ever since Bobby was four months old and I just LOVE having a freezer full of @babybistro meals ready to go for when I plain and simply cbf cooking. Also, for a household that’s lucky to eat at home one night a week we’re that busy, it’s nice to know @babybistro can provide me with healthy, organic option (with zero added preservatives) for the Bobinator. Ps did I mention they’re delivered to your door?”

We were also fortunate enough to bump into Sophie at the recent Tinitrader pop up in Melbourne; Here’s a little snap of us on the night!

Sev & Sophie


We love The Young Mummy and we are so pleased she and Bobby love Baby Bistro as much as we do!

decisions, decisions...

Decisions, decisions…

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